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Town Clerk
Planning and Zoning
Dog Control
Vital Forms

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free pattern how to knit a skiband   Welcome to Volney's new site. We currently have some content on the site, we are still adding content and hope to have all of it up soon.


For Reserving the Town Pavilion contact the Town Clerks office.

 Town Clerk : 593-8288

  Pavilion and Park Rules:

  -Please clean up all trash and item that you bring.

  -There is NO alcohol or drugs allowed anywhere on the grounds.

  -All children should be supervised.

  -All pets should be on a leash, and owners ARE responsible for clean-up.

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winstead   --Bluebowls are cleaned every week, please use them.

Town Hall Contact Information 
Assessor :598-8983

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Building Inspector :


  - cell380-6991

Bookkeeper :


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Court Clerk :
Dog Warden :598-3647
Fire Dept. :598-7473
Highway :593-1019
Historian :598-3817
Tax Collector :
Town Clerk :

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Supervisor :
Transfer Station :591-9211

Contact through e-mail click here.


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